The New Alternative to Old Fashioned Soup? Chicken Soup Broth Pho!

chicken soup broth

What do you do when you should have some chicken soup broth but are tired of the same old same old? Pho chicken soup broth made with nutrient-dense bone broth will cure what ails you.

They say that chicken soup broth is the perfect medicine for most run-of-the-mill cold and flues that hit this time of year, but, let’s face it, sometimes old fashioned chicken soup seems a little boring. Even when you are sick, you still want some flavor to keep your taste buds entertained, right? Pho-style chicken soup takes chicken noodle soup to the next level, so you can feel better and enjoy your meal.

What sets apart Vietnamese Pho bone broth from chicken soup broth?

Pho features homemade bone broth that is full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that go to work in your body immediately to boost the immune system, so your body can heal and recover quickly. Other additions to pho soup, such as rice noodles, fresh veggies and toppings, only add to the nutritional value. You can choose from lamb, chicken or vegan, depending on what you prefer. The lean protein will give you the energy to get off the couch and back to life as you recover.

While you may not be excited by the idea of traditional chicken soup broth, the bone broth you will get with our pho is something that is sure to make you one happy diner. Whether you can manage to make it to a Pho Fast location, or you can find a good friend to bring you some on the couch, get your hands on some chicken soup broth pho.

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How Even Vegans Can Eat Food Court Food

Vegan Food Court Food

Are you vegan and sad you usually have to miss out on food court food? Good news: now you have vegan food court options.

Because convenience food options, such as fast food and food court food, have not typically met the guidelines for people with special food needs, customers who are vegan often have to go without when they are away from their home kitchen. However, as more restaurants are discovering many of their customers have special food needs, you will likely begin to see more and more of them offering choices for people, such as vegans, vegetarians and diners who are gluten-free. Vietnamese restaurants, in particular, are featuring vegan options, so even strict vegans can enjoy food court food too.

Vietnamese Pho is Vegan Food Court Food

No more sitting by while your friends enjoy their food when out and about. If you are vegan, you can now enjoy delicious Vietnamese pho, which is prepared without animal-products. Most people think of pho as having beef, lamb or chicken, but you can also get it vegan-style with a delicious vegan broth, rice noodles and plenty of herbs and veggies.

Vegan pho will fill you up and provide you with nutrients that you need to keep you healthy on your vegan diet. You can enjoy a lunch out with friends, co-workers, or make a quick stop by Pho Fast in Columbus OH today to experience our vegan pho for yourself. We know it can be difficult to get vegan food when out and about, and we are pleased to offer you a vegan food court food option.

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4 Ways to Eat Fresh and Healthy Food on a Budget

Fresh and healthy food

Is it possible to eat fresh and healthy food on a budget? Think outside of the box with your meals and you will be surprised how delicious and easy it can be to eat fresh and healthy.

When you are living on a tight budget, eating fresh and healthy food can sometimes seem nearly impossible. Some will say that it’s cheaper to just grab a box of mac & cheese or drive through to get a burger off the dollar menu than it is to find healthy options. However, those people would be wrong. You will find that when you truly seek out the fresher food options and cut out the fast food and convenience food that you actually save money.

Check out these 4 ways to eat fresh and healthy food on a budget:

1. Visit farmer’s markets and roadside vendors. In the spring, summer and early fall months, you should have great access to fresh fruits and vegetables to make beautiful salads and quick, healthy snacks. Typically these farmers and vendors offer their produce at great prices. Plus, you can feel good about supporting their businesses.

2. At the grocery store, stick to the outside parameters of the store. You’ll notice that the fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins and dairy are all on the outside aisles of the grocery store. Look for sales and coupons to help you purchase these items as low as you can.

3. Plan your weekly menu in advance around the grocery store sales. You can find ads in the local newspaper to learn what the discounts, coupons and specials will be for the upcoming week. Plan your menu around that. Choose lean proteins, leafy greens, fruit, and dairy products to create some dishes that will work into your budget.

4. Find a restaurant that serves fresh and healthy food at a price that works in your budget. Pho Fast is a great option. From our menu, you can choose gluten-free pho, chicken soup, chicken, lamb or vegan pho. These contain rich, nutrient-filled bone broth, rice noodles and delicious herbs and veggies for toppings. Very diet friendly and health conscious at a price you will like.

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The 3 Best Ways to Eat Vietnamese Rice Noodles

Vietnamese Rice Noodles

Want to learn the 3 best way to eat Vietnamese rice noodles? Keep reading to get an education and then you will be ready to get your pho on!

1. In a Bowl of Soup

Eating Vietnamese rice noodles in pho is as easy as eating a regular bowl of soup, and you are guaranteed to enjoy the experience. While you can use a spoon to get those rice noodles and broth to your mouth, traditionally the rice noodles in the soup are moved into the spoon with chopsticks.

2. With Some Delicious Lean Meat or Veggies

Whether you are a carnivore or a veggie lover, you will discover that the rice noodles are very versatile and are equally as good vegetarian style or with some meat and rich bone broth. Either way, the tasty rice noodles shine in the dish and will make you want more and more. Did you know rice noodles are gluten-free? That means even if you have a gluten sensitivity, you can enjoy them.

3. With Your Favorite Sauces and Toppings

While pho traditionalists might tell you not to cover your pho with sauces, we say enjoy and create a pho dish that suites your taste buds. Some enjoy adding hoisin sauce or Sriracha or even soy sauce. You can also choose from a variety of toppings, such as fresh herbs, cilantro, crunchy nuts, or bean sprouts. Customize the Vietnamese rice noodles until it tastes just right for you.

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Just What is it That Makes Pho Vietnamese Soup So Magically Delicious?

pho Vietnamese Soup

We’ll let you in on some secrets as to what makes pho Vietnamese soup so magically delicious. And it’s NOT magic! Keep reading to learn more, or (even better) run to the nearest Pho Fast to get your pho on!

Delicious food is plentiful in restaurants throughout the United States, but pho Vietnamese soup is emerging as the preferred choice for diners and lunch-seekers in Columbus, Ohio, and beyond. As any pho fan will tell you, pho Vietnamese soup is incredibly healthy, full of flavor and fun.

Sometimes you just want a change, and need a little magic in your meal! When you are ready for a lunch or dinner option that is much healthier and diet-friendlier than your traditional fast food run, Pho Fast is the place to be in Columbus, Ohio. Fresh is what’s on the menu: plenty of lean protein, veggies, low-fat noodles, and the nothing-short-of-amazing bone broth, which has been proven to have numerous health benefits, ranging from boosts to the immune system to a natural increase in energy. Even better, Pho Fast uses NO aluminum sulfate or MSG in any of their prepared foods.

Pho Vietnamese Soup: Magical Flavor

Your taste buds are begging for some food to wake them up, and pho Vietnamese soup is just the dish to make that happen. With pleasing flavors and spices and a deliciously full-flavored bone-broth, pho is the perfect remedy for just another, regular day. In addition to being tasty and full of flavor, the spices used in pho Vietnamese soup each have their own health benefits. You are free to customize your pho with different spices, toppings and sauces to create your perfect flavor-combination.

Food doesn’t need to be boring! There’s no reason to settle for a sack lunch or the same old same old from the local fast food joint when you can have fun creating your delicious bowl of pho Vietnamese soup. Whether you are going solo for lunch, or are getting together with co-workers or friends, customizing the perfect bowl of pho is a fun experience for anyone.

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Pho News: Biggest and Best Kept Secrets About Pho Broth

pho broth

If you are wondering why Vietnamese pho is becoming so popular, keep reading to learn the biggest and Best Kept Secrets About Pho Broth.

There’s a good reason why you hear so much buzz about pho broth.  Once you taste it, you will know that there truly is something magical about it. The richness and depth of flavor combined with the outstanding nutritional profile make it world’s better than any other soup or broth you will find.

Pho Broth: Bone Broth Makes It Special

The secret to amazing bone broth is in the way it is made, typically with beef bones. The bone marrow delivers delicious flavor to create a broth that is the perfect base for Vietnamese pho. Ideal pho broth is clear as it has simmered for several hours. When you see your broth is clear, that’s when you know you have the good stuff!

In addition to beef bones, the best pho broth is flavored with goodies like caramelized onion and ginger. Talk about flavor! The pho experts no that this broth must be served as-is, with no dilution allowed. The flavor intensity of the pho broth is just right and will make a pho-natic of anyone who takes a sip.

Add to the pho broth the rice noodles, protein such as chicken or lamb and then fresh veggies and herbs on top, and you have a flavor combination that will keep you coming back for more pho.

Whether you must have some pho broth to enjoy as soon as possible or are interested in some delicious catering for your next event, contact Pho Fast today at

Uncovering the Truth About Pho Vietnamese Soup

pho Vietnamese soup

Wondering what all the buzz is about pho Vietnamese soup? Satisfy your curiosity because we’ve got the scoop.

Pho Vietnamese soup. You’ve likely heard the buzz: apparently everyone loves pho! There are even people who call themselves “pho-natics.” But you may still be wondering what the big deal is. We’ve brought in the pho experts to answer your burning questions. Let’s start with the most commonly asked questions:

  1. What is pho Vietnamese soup? Is it food? Yes, it is indeed food, or else we at Pho Fast would have a problem on our hands. It is actually a yummy noodle soup dish that has a bone broth base and rice noodles.
  2. Is pho Vietnamese soup spicy? You can make it spicy…or not! The choice is yours. The bone broth itself is typically seasoned with spices including star anise, cinnamon and cardamom. However, pho done right is not overpowered by too many spices. If you like things spicy, you can always add more sriracha sauce before eating.
  3. Is pho Vietnamese soup vegetarian? Traditional pho is made from bone broth and includes chicken, beef or pork, so it is not typically a vegetarian meal.
  4. What should I put on pho? You can choose from a variety of healthy toppings, including herbs such as mint, cilantro and basil, or you can top with bean sprouts, jalapenos, scallions, fresh lime juice, or Sriracha, which is a hot sun-ripened chili pepper sauce.

Our pho experts agree that above all else, have your pho the way you like it and enjoy!

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Looking for a New Way to Eat Food in Columbus OH? Read This!

Pho Fast Menu

If you are looking for some new options to eat food in Columbus OH, this is your guide.

It’s almost lunchtime and you are wondering where to find the best food in Columbus OH. And when you say “best” you mean BEST. You may not be interested in fast food chains or the same old same old burger joint. Chances are, you are a foodie and you want a food experience not just a quick meal. Is it possible to find such a restaurant in Columbus?

The answer is YES! Pho Fast has emerged as the best food in Columbus Ohio. Pho Fast customers recommend the restaurant time and time again, because the food is consistently fresh and tasty, and it offers a unique food experience to Columbus foodies who are tired of the burgers, tacos and traditional pasta dishes.

What’s more, Pho Fast offers healthy food options. Pho features immune system-boosting bone broth, vitamin-packed veggies and energy-giving lean protein, making it one of the healthiest, most well-rounded meals you can find in the area.

Best Food In Columbus Ohio for Foodies Seeking Fun, Adventure or Just Good Food

Try Pho Fast once and you will quickly understand what makes it one of the most well-loved spots in Columbus. Yes, the food is outstanding, but the atmosphere and experience are also incredibly fun and unique. You can choose from numerous toppings and sauces for your pho, making a new pho creation each and every time you visit.

When you have a chance to visit Pho Fast, let us know how it goes. We love to hear the feedback from Pho Fast customers. For more information about Pho Fast hours, location or menus, contact us at


Basic Soup with Chicken: Vietnamese Pho Kicks It Up a Notch

Is it gluten free? Soup Pho

If you are looking for some tasty alternatives to basic soup with chicken, Vietnamese pho offers all of the health benefits of chicken soup with much more flavor.

Everyone knows soup with chicken is the ultimate comfort food when you are feeling stressed or under the weather, but sometimes you need just a little more flavor than the basic chicken soup can offer. Enter Vietnamese pho!

Pho delivers the delicious, rich, immune-system boosting bone broth that you might find in soup with chicken, but it also has a variety of other tastes and textures that put it higher on the meal satisfaction scale. You can also get your pho with chicken, beef, lamb or even vegan style.

In addition to the tasty broth, pho soup with chicken, lamb or beef from Pho Fast features rice noodles, fresh vegetables and toppings that pack a big nutritional punch. Whether you are trying to get your health back on track or just have a craving for a delicious bowl of soup with chicken,  there’s nothing quite like a warm, nutrient-dense bowl of pho soup with chicken or other meats to help your body heal and fuel-up.

Just Say No to Boring Soup with Chicken

Eating soup with chicken doesn’t have to be boring. You may be tired of the same old same old when it comes to lunchtime soups and sandwiches. The good news is you can have your healthy soup while still tantalizing your taste buds and fulfilling your foodie desires with Vietnamese pho.

Pho lets you get creative and customize your dish to create so much more than just a bowl of soup with chicken. It becomes a lunchtime masterpiece. Finally you have a reason to look forward to lunch again!

Learn more about alternatives to basic soup with chicken at Pho Fast in Columbus OH by calling 614-290-8869. You’ll be surprised by how delicious soup with chicken can be.


Eating Healthy Foods Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, Make It Delicious

pho broth

Oh man, eating healthy foods can be so hard! But it is possible to find ways to make eating healthy foods less painful and more delicious.

When seeking ways to make eating healthy foods less of a chore it is important to seek out restaurants where you can get access to healthy meals. Typically, dining out when on a diet or when transitioning to a healthy lifestyle is more stressful than enjoyable. However, with a little online research you should be able to find a few restaurants in your area that cater to people eating healthy foods.

One great example for a menu that is the healthy eater’s dream come true is Pho Fast of Columbus OH. Featuring a naturally healthy dish, Vietnamese pho, at Pho Fast it is both easy and delicious to continue eating healthy foods and avoid the temptation of traditional fast food fare.

Vietnamese pho is packed full of everything healthy and is served up fast, so you can grab a quick, fresh and healthy lunch on the go. Pho has an impressive healthy ingredients profile that will fill you up to stop the growling tummy and give you the nutrients you need to stay satisfied while eating healthy foods.

Finding local restaurants that cater to people eating healthy foods will be one of the best decisions you can make as you continue on your health-focused journey. You don’t have to be miserable and eat plain, bland foods, or even eat all of your meals at home, as long as you can find a few great options like Pho Fast.

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